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Examples of previous projects

John Brazier and colleagues developed the SF-6D from the SF-36, a widely used PROM. The SF-6D allows utility values to be generated where the SF-36 has been used. The SF-6Dv2 has also been developed.

As a result of the SF-6D work, we have led the development of this methodology to develop condition-specific preference-based measures from existing PROMs in 

Members of SCHARR Outcomes also contributed to the recent valuation of the EQ-5D-5L and crosswalks from the EQ-5D-5L descriptive system to the EQ-5D-3L.

The COSMeQ project reviewed, developed and tested methods for deriving condition-specific preference-based measures (CSPBM) to generate QALYs from existing measures. This work contributed to the methodology in the assessment of labelling effects and how to value unidimensional measures.